Survey ICM-Masterclass 2022 with Jeremy Ross

Dear ICM user,

We are considering offering an "ICM Masterclass" with Jeremy Ross this year.
This will be a series of webinars over several weeks (approximately 60-90 minutes per week in an evening session). To this end, we would like to determine the interests and wishes of our potential participants in advance and incorporate the results of this survey into the planning of the "ICM Masterclass".

We would appreciate it if you could spare three minutes of your time. With the help of your feedback, we can optimally adapt our planning of the Masterclass to the interests and needs of our customers and optimize it in your interest.

Below you will find a short questionnaire in which you can tell us your opinion and your interests. Thank you very much!

Your team from Verlag Systemische Medizin

Please note: Participating in this survey does not mean that you are registering for the "ICM Masterclass". We would only like to be able to assess, with the help of your answers, how much interest there is in this offer. We will be happy to inform you in the coming weeks as soon as there is news about the "ICM Masterclass".